‘Move Over’ law reminder: Staying safe on highways is family affair

CLEVELAND– Ohio’s “Move Over” law means just exactly that: Move over when you see first responders or work crews on the highway.

No one knows the importance of that better than two local families featured in a special video.

Mike Cole has worked out of the Amherst maintenance garage and, for him, being safe on the highways is a family affair. His best friend Mike McCoy works with him, and both their sons are Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers.

The group was in a video produced by the Ohio Turnpike.

“You see these crews and you’ll see someone even flying past us, you’re just like, you’re in a work zone going 50 miles an hour. There’s people on the side of the road and you have no regard for their lives or their families as well,” said Trooper Cody McCoy, Mike’s son.

So as you travel during the Fourth of July week, remember to move over or slow down in work zones, not just to avoid a ticket, but think about the fact that could be your friend or family member standing on the side of the road.


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